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PHUC BAO AN TAM – Protect against the unexpected


“Bad Things Come In Threes”

Accident is always lurking in the corner, ready to wreck your life and your family, destroy unfulfilled dreams, and ruin any achieved accomplishments. Please let PHUC BAO AN TAM protect you against those unwanted accidents.

PHUC BAO AN TAM brings you and your family a worry-free life, without the constant concern about the devastating financial consequence of an unexpected accident.

What can be your choice:

  • Depending on your need, you can obtain insurance protection for 2 years, 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, or 10 years. You can pay premium in lump sum or in instalment (2 year insurance protection requires a lump sum payment).

What insurance benefits you can have:

  • Death Benefit:

• Non-accidental cause:

Receive the higher of the Sum Assured or Total Paid Standard Premium

• Accidental death occurring during air travel: 300% × Sum Assured.

• Other accidental death: 200% × Sum Assured.

  • Total and Permanent Disability Benefit:

• Non-accidental cause:

Receive the higher of the Sum Assured or Total Paid Standard Premium

• Accidental cause: 200% × Sum Assured.

  • Accidental Disability Benefit:

• Depending on the severity of the injury: From 5% - 75% × Sum Assured.

* After the insurance event, this contract will remain effective.

  • Overseas Accidental Hospitalization Indemnity Benefit:

• Daily payment of 0.1% × Sum Assured and maximum of 90-day payment for each claim.

* Evidence that the accident occurs overseas is required.

** After the payment, this contract will remain effective.

  • Maturity benefit :

Total Paid Standard Premium.

* The policy is terminated immediately after the insurance event or after the contract matures, unless otherwise stated.

Additional requirements you have to know:

  • Entry age of the insured: 0-55 years old.
  • Minimum Sum Assured: 10 million VND.
  • Maximum Sum Assured: 1.5 billion VND.
  • Persons holding incompatible occupation is ineligible to be insured.
  • For more details, please refer to the policy wording of the insurance product PHUC BAO AN TAM, approved by the Ministry of Finance in Official Letter 12813/BTC-QLBH on September 26th, 2011.
  • Policy with Single Premium: Riders are not allowed.
  • Policy with Regular Premium: The following rider are allowed:

Aside from the base insurance product, your can obtain additional insurance, by adding the following riders, to guard against the risk of suffering from death/ total and permanent disability.


PHUC BAO AN TAM’s brochure

Accident occurs by chance, but we can reduce its financial impact by early preparation. PHUC BAO AN TAM is the best choice.

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