Phuc Bao BO TRO TU KY    

If you just have a newborn baby...

If you are the breadwinner in your family…

Do you ever think about…

How to give much more love to your beloved ones?
At each stage of the life, you must want to be responsible for your beloved ones with more love as you can.
PHUC BAO BO TRO TU KY would be very suitable for you. The plan is economical because you pay for the high life insurance protection only at a low cost.
In addition to the base-level insurance protection from the basic product, you can further attach the rider at any time to supplement the protection against unexpected death event or total and permanent disability event.

With PHUC BAO BO TRO TU KY, you can have insurance benefits including:

  • Death Benefit: 100% × Sum Assured
  • Total and Permanent Disability Benefit: 100% × Sum Assured

Choose the proper duration according to your requirement:

  • Policy Term: from 5 to 24 years
  • Premium Payment Period: equal to Policy Term

And note the requirements:

  • The insured’s age at entry can be 0~60 but age at maturity date shall be not over 65
  • Minimum Sum Assured: VND 10 million
  • Maximum Sum Assured: 200% of the basic product’s sum assured and VND 2.5 billion, whichever is lower

PHUC BAO BO TRO TU KY’s brochure

Smart choice makes your LOVE forever.

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